the update "April Update" is here


Update April 25, 2018:
The Spring Update is no more, make way for the April Update. And this is the version for Xbox One that opens the ball, while that expected on PC is still slow to point the tip of his nose.

In accordance with what we wrote at the beginning of March ( see below), support for 1440p displays (for Xbox One S and One X) and additional Mixer features are part of the package.

Among the new releases announced during the …

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PS4 Still Leads Software Sales for Ubisoft « Video Game News, Reviews, Walkthroughs And Guides – GamingBolt

PS4 continues to generate the most software sales for Ubisoft.

Ubisoft’s latest financial report is out, and as has been the case for a long time now, it reveals that Ubisoft still sells more games on the PS4 than on any other platform, with 38% of their total software sales coming from Sony’s console. PC is second place, with 24% of all sales, and Xbox One in third place, with…

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Ys VIII – Test of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana


Before starting, it is important to note that the game was tested without ever having played another episode of the series. In hard mode (there are two levels of difficulty remaining).

Ys, seez high!

Main character of the series, Adol Christin is an adventurer who travels the world. This chapter of its history retraces its passage on a mysterious island. On the way to Eresia, the adventure begins on the ship Lombardia.

After a little exploration of the …

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This is the closest I’ll get to this amazing… – Tiny Cartridge 3DS

This is the closest I’ll get to this amazing Castlevania: SOTN print ⊟

This design by Becky Cloonan is a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive by Mondo, which means it’s double inaccessible for regular people who just want to buy the thing. 

As reported by Mashable, Mondo is also bringing a cool red/blue variant of a vinyl Rondo of Blood soundtrack, which will at least be available outside of SDCC in a different color scheme.

By the way, I just wrapped up a replay of Symphony of the…

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Atari VCS, the console that wants to revive the legend


Like the Phoenix, the legend of the Atari consoles is reborn from the ashes: a team that has recovered the prestigious name has just launched its crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to launch the production of the Atari VCS. A new console that has already raised more than 2.2 million dollars in 24 hours and should be delivered in July 2019.



Old console outside, PC little powerful inside


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What’s new on Netflix this week? (July 9-15)

It’s finally happened. You’ve watched everything on Netflix. Ok, well, not everything, but most of your watch list and now you’re looking for something new. Welcome to our weekly what’s new on Netflix breakdown! Below you’ll find a list of everything new on Netflix this week (July 9-15) split into different categories for TV, movies, documentaries, and reality shows, so you can easily find your next streaming binge. And because different things appear in different regions,…

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With no new Nvidia GPUs and zero mining demand Gigabyte’s card sales are down $6m

Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1

Gigabyte has just published its June revenue figures, giving us our first look at Q2 earnings for the Taiwanese company compared to its bumper Q1… and it doesn’t make for pretty reading. With the slump in graphics card sales, due to slackening mining demand, and gamers weary of high prices and an impending new generation of Nvidia GPUs, it looks like Gigabyte’s GPU division is tracking some $6 million down on Q1.

That’s only an estimate, based…

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Building the world’s highest-resolution telescope

Enlarge / The Y-shaped Navy Precision Optical Interferometer in northern Arizona can function like a telescope with a mirror 400 meters wide.

Google Maps

If Lowell Observatory’s Gerard van Belle gets his way, someday soon you’ll be watching an exoplanet cross the face of its star, hundreds of light-years from the Earth. He can’t show you that right now, but he should be able to when the new mirrors are installed at the Navy Precision Optical Interferometer in…

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New Dawn – New Dawn announces itself in early access

More than a year and a half after a failed crowdfunding campaign, the survival game New Dawn is announced in early access with its gameplay placing the player in the skin of a Native American in the eighteenth century.


We remember (or not) that in early 2017, the young independent studio e-visualsoft announced the development of New Dawn then presented as a survival game on an island off the coast. South America (an area of ​​about 50km²), …

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