Free Spins and Free Transfers

BRSS loves football. You probably like it too. That’s why you’re here. But have you ever had a moment or multiple moments of epiphanies where you notice how football is like other areas of your life. For example, if you like casino games, perhaps you have ever noticed how football is like video slots?

Obviously, in most aspects playing football and playing slots differ. But it is quite peculiar how many similarities you can find between these two games.

Will it be worth it?

In football, transfer window is one of the most frustrating times. But it is also the most exciting one. It is not about signing big name players, at least not for 90% of the teams out there. You have seen your team play, you know whether they look weak in defense or attack and you are hoping that the transfer season will bring you a player that will solve your problems. However, due to blending into the squad, getting used to, living in a different country and a myriad of other things new players don’t always reach the standard that is expected of them.

Slots, in the same way, get you excited with every new spin. Like in football, you are constantly on a roller coaster of emotions. Of course, the difference when you play games for free is that the result is instant. But even in those split seconds between four matched symbols before fifth reel stops, or two scatter symbols you get to experience a myriad of different emotions.

The emotional roller coaster also applies to games as well as transfers. In football, sometimes you have to wait for a long time for a goal and sometimes you celebrate in the first few minutes. Isn’t that how slots work? Sometimes, you play a whole session, waste all your free spins and still don’t get a decent win while other times you score the bonus round in the first 5 spins when you sit down.

A million to choose from, but your heart is with one

Another way online slots are like football is all of the available choices. Some promise you a chance of winning a massive prize (Champions League title vs. a million-dollar jackpot), others are more modest (avoid relegation vs. lower volatility slots).

But what is funny with this comparison is that despite the unlimited choices that are available in terms of football teams as well as video slots, people tend to stick with the one they have started. Perhaps loyalty is not as unmovable with video slots data shows that people come back to slots that they played first. Although, this applies to people who play games for free in demo modes as well as real money games.

You also may notice that a lot depends on the name. In football, there are superstars like Messi and Ronaldo, while in casino games the equivalent would be Guns and Roses online slots.

Similarly, there are also rising stars and lower-league players. In the end, it is hard to say which is better, free spins or free transfers. What do you think?

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