The hatred of Harry Kane for the August and other curses

Bad luck does not exist, but sometimes you will not say. For information, ask the English striker that he can not score in August. But he’s in good company …

Strange to be said, as we are talking about a guy who travels twice a goal every three Premier League races, but Harry Kane has a singular allergy for the month of August. The Tottenham striker, in fact, has not yet stamped the mark in 10 attempts at Augustine, although he does not appear to give too much weight to the thing:

Much has been said about this, but I do not care much about it. It’s part of the game, I just have to keep working low head and goals will come for sure

Coincidences, of course, can be explained without having to resort to unfavorable astral constraints: Kane is an impassioned striker (188cm for 86kg) and it is not illogical to think that he puts more than others into form at the beginning of the season.

Nor, on the other hand, his idiosyncrasy represents a unicum in the world of football, indeed: the “curses” that the concerned directors would or would, if not willingly do, are rather frequent.

Harry Kane and other football curses

Always to stay away from the parts of White Hart Lane, as not to mention the negative aura surrounding the beginnings of Gareth Bale. At the time still used as a left-back, the Welsh immediately showed his incredible athletic qualities: it was a pity that in his first 24 appearances with the Spurs shirt, his team did not even get a win.

There are those who have done even worse. Jack Rodwell, formerly English footballer, has been in the field as a holder 39 times in races in which his team did not pick up the three points. Between the May 7, 2013 (with the City Shirt against the WBA) and last February’s (his Sunderland beat the Crystal Palace), the beauty of 1370 days, almost four years, had passed. A black cat, in short, consistently defends the colors of Black Cats.

On the other hand, we are in England, where they are curious about cursing. Ask the national team of the Three Lions, who just do not want to know how to win the penalty shootout. A nightmare started 27 years ago with Italy’s 90th semi-finals against West Germany and continued through memorable beats such as Euro ’96 (always in the semi-finals and always against future German champions), France ’98, Of the Portuguese double in 2004 and 2006, ending with the Euro 12 against Italy’s Prandelli. Even juveniles do not joke: in May, the U17 lost the European championship against Spain, while in June the U21 blew up the clash of defeat in the semi-finals against Germany.

There are then those cases of well-known championships that just can not celebrate in certain contexts. One such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, for example, has only been tormented for 15 years in the backyard: in Europe, they have always been troubled. And when finally the team in which milita managed to triumph in a continental competition (Manchester United in 2017), he was in infirmary for the only serious injury to his career. Unfortunately, maybe not all the truth.

Then there is Michael Ballack, a commander of the category of eternal seconds. It started in 2000, when one of his authors cost Meisterschale to his Bayer Leverkusen last day, against Unteraching already with his head on vacation. In 2002, the Bundesliga defeat against German: second in Bundesliga, defeat in the German Cup final against Schalke 04, defeat in the Champions League final against Real Madrid, defeated in the World Cup against Brazil (although he did not play For disqualification). It would be so ugly, but history has the bad habit of repeating itself.

In 2008, Chelsea lost the Premer League for the net difference, the Copa del Rey final against Tottenham, the Champions League final against Manchester United (due to Terry’s slip) and, in the end, In the Euro 2008 finals, Germany gives way to Spain. Four times second, and in two different seasons! Neither gambling houses nor new casinos UK were not happy about that. To complete the picture: the painful eliminations in the semifinals of the 2006 World Cup with Germany (of which he was captain) and the Champions League of 2009 with Chelsea. Psychoanalysis goods, especially if we think that shortly after his goodbye, Chelsea won the Champions League and Germany the World Cup.

He also won, Ballack, and not least: five championships and nine national cups are not a mediocre booty. But certainly disappears in front of the number of triumphs that have been seen fading from beneath the nose. In football there are more enduring curses – think of the five consecutive finals of the Champions League lost by Juventus, or the famous “Bela Guttman’s Curse” that afflicts Benfica for 55 years. But one day they will end (Benfica will only have to wait another 45 years for Guttman’s centennial anathema to break), while Ballack will be forced to keep the scars of the eight second places in 2002 and 2008 forever.

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