We tested the GPU Turbo, the update that will soon boost your smartphone Honor or Huawei


60% more efficient, 30% more economical. This is the promise of the Turbo GPU, a technology created by Huawei and Honor to maximize the performance of our smartphones. Without changing anything in the hardware, the mode has the mission to improve the graphics of games or resource-hungry applications, while trying the feat to preserve the autonomy of our devices.

                While waiting for its gradual availability in …

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Fallout Miami mod takes you to a post-apocalyptic Florida

By Marshall Lemon,
Wednesday, 25 July 2018 19:17 GMT

This Fallout 4 mod takes players to a “Vacation Wasteland” near the radioactive Everglades.

One of the best parts of the Fallout modding community is that you can find original campaigns set in unique American wastelands. We’ve already explored New California and the snow-filled Northern Springs, but one team wants to send players to sunny Florida.

The aptly-named Fallout:…

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Microsoft would prepare an Xbox dedicated to streaming video games


The contours of the next generation of Xbox seem to be emerging little by little. According to the US site Thurrott, it is possible that Microsoft is working on two consoles next gen including a rather oriented game service in the cloud. An area that the giant Redmond has surveyed for many years, with much demonstration, without ever having proposed concrete solutions for the general public.

The next generation of Microsoft console …

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Give The Gift Of Nintendo

Casino games have become greatly sophisticated, because they become very wide-spread and increased in telephone numbers. New ways of playing and new strategies have been developed. The gamblers are always seeking ways to better their game in the competitive field, and desire to involve with only first class games. As can be certainly a lot funds to be acquired, there is absolutely no reason not to.

In regards to video quality the game visual effects continue to think about large jumps in comparison to its improvement. Video game also has improved numerous of the lag problems that it’s predecessor had the net.

Mario games and GAMES is one of many sites in order to provide the most interestering and active time spending , so that you could have fun subjects to say with your buddies at school or everywhere . Racing with household is difficult . Each game is different and it’s got perfect visual effects also. The colours are joyfull and everything seems so real . Not just you can enter the beautiful empire of one’s best cartoon characters yet it’s you that the hero there. Begin watching want leaving .

The bottom line here is players always be picked, because their performances dictate they deserve to be. And will not based on they has done on the past. If David James is the particular best man for work and one is playing well, then so be getting this done. But then must not should apply to other musicians. For instance, why couldn’t video games be picked as a Championship grinder.

The Full tilt poker Room is among one of the leading rooms to go to. The website is “Full Tilt Poker”. They have access to a variety of click site can interest your entice you into opt-in. The best part is actually you are a new player, then you do have a section purchased learning the best way to play video game.

Charles Fey, “father for this slot machines” invented his first machine in 1894. This primary model has stood the test of and also you have perceived it inside gambling parlors even appropriate now. The reels initially depicted cards, later followed by pictures of fruit. The bell rings every time you win as previously be one hundred years the particular.

These are among the famous mario games for children. Now, all these games could be played cost free via Planet wide. You can always join gaming sites by registering as their member. mario games for children are suitable to be played throughout your free evening. All you need is just a strong Internet connection and your personal computer.

Shin Megami Tensei (Series) – Shin Megami Tensei Test: Strange Journey Redux on 3DS

Originally released on the Nintendo DS, the title "Strange Journey" returns to the Nintendo 3DS at 25th anniversary of the famous series of Shin Megami Tensei (released in Japan in 2017). We can already announce that this opus on 3DS is intended rather for fans of the series and completes the series of SMT already present on 3DS.


Shin Megami Tensei is a license that was installed on the handheld consoles of Nintendo with the …

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Stardew Valley’s multiplayer update has a release date

Developer ConcernedApe (that’s an awesome name for a dev, by the way) has confirmed that the multiplayer update for Stardew Valley will drop on August 1.

The feature has been a long time coming and has been doing the rounds in beta form for months now, although it won’t arrive on PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One versions until a later date.

Oh, and PlayStation Vita won’t receive the update at all, which is a bit of a shame since it only came out a few months ago on Sony’s…

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the update "April Update" is here


Update April 25, 2018:
The Spring Update is no more, make way for the April Update. And this is the version for Xbox One that opens the ball, while that expected on PC is still slow to point the tip of his nose.

In accordance with what we wrote at the beginning of March ( see below), support for 1440p displays (for Xbox One S and One X) and additional Mixer features are part of the package.

Among the new releases announced during the …

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PS4 Still Leads Software Sales for Ubisoft « Video Game News, Reviews, Walkthroughs And Guides – GamingBolt

PS4 continues to generate the most software sales for Ubisoft.

ps4 xbox switch

Ubisoft’s latest financial report is out, and as has been the case for a long time now, it reveals that Ubisoft still sells more games on the PS4 than on any other platform, with 38% of their total software sales coming from Sony’s console. PC is second place, with 24% of all sales, and Xbox One in third place, with…

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